Brainstorm Brewery #216 – Corbin’s Back and Other Bad News



Brainstorm Brewery #216 – Corbin’s Back and Other Bad News

Corbin’s on this one and he knows he was pranked. He pretends it doesn’t bother him, but we know better. The episode took a while to get rolling and honestly, most of it isn’t suitable for you hearing and will probably be relegated to after hours. We’ll do one of those soon. One or more. We have a lot in the works – new Patreon rewards, Tee Spring, the works. This episode was by the numbers and that’s not exactly boring, but it doesn’t make for exciting show notes writing.

  • Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
  • I hope the stuff from this section was cut
  • Cards spiked? Why?
  • Breaking Bulk
  • Standard. Bleh.
  • Pick of the Week
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8 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #216 – Corbin’s Back and Other Bad News”

  1. Very unprofessional podcast. Makes it hard to listen to. What’s the point in listening to a group of guys trashing each other. Content is what people want. Too bad we have to wade through the shit to get to some actual content.

    1. Very unprofessional comment. Makes it hard to read. What’s the point in listening to a guy trashing other posters. Comment is what people want. Too bad we have to wade through the shit to get to some actual comments.

      1. Lmao.

        I didn’t listen to the podcast yet, but heckling hecklers is always funny to me. Even though I’m not doing rhe finance game like I thought I was (pretty much doing just what Jason alt suggests with EDH playables), I’ll renew for another year after this subscription ends just for you and that snarky response!

    1. That’s a good card. Second spike, too, since it spiked off the back of that Tezzerator deck in Legacy a while back and there were $10 copies online

      1. It will spike again. I think it’s just a card that 95% of players have never heard of…but when they do lol

  2. My friend played transmute artifact against our table the other night. We all had to look it up. It is REALLY good though. I bought one that night. It is now by far the oldest card I own.

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