PROTRADER: Vintage Set Review: Planeshift/Apocalypse

Okay, so I’ve been looking at my year-end schedule, and here’s how everything is gonna break down:

This week: VSR: Planeshift/Apocalypse
Next week: Actual MTGFinance talk!
The following week: Snarkmas 2016
All other units of time within that window: me playing Pokémon Moon.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Vintage Set Review: Planeshift/Apocalypse”

  1. no offense, but i am thiiiiiis close to just starting to skip your articles entirely, due to some rank nonsense in every one.

    today’s menu: noxious vapors does the opposite of what you think it does, and isn’t very good anyway in the format you tout it for.

    orim’s chant: after reading this I began to doubt you’ve ever even watched a game of EDH.


    1. In fairness, I *have* stopped playing EDH- partially due to an overly litigious rules committee, and partially due to the local EDH crowds.

      These sets were much more difficult to approach (largely due to what I outlined last week), and they really don’t have the contextual nuance that any Modern-legal sets have. Bad rares either have potential or are worthless forever.

      Hopefully you like next week better- there won’t be any lists. 🙂

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