Brainstorm Brewery #220 – New Year’s Revolt



We missed last week and it may have only been half Corbin’s fault.  Its a new year and the cast is back with the best financial information and spoiler coverage.   Babies are absent from the cast, but their impact on the past year is discussed.   It’s Brainstorm Brewery.

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3 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #220 – New Year’s Revolt”

  1. Kind of a shame that the final elements of the set’s most powerful combos were not spoiled until after you recorded. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Saheeir spike and potential for foil copies of common and uncommon combo cogs, like Crackdown Construct.

  2. Happy 2017 Guys!

    We can’t get 1:00 into the show w/o the SHADE GRENADES?

    You guys haze harder than the Marines.

    Keep up the good work.
    1 year veteran listener.

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