5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 1/19/2017”

  1. Good luck getting any of these cards. Pucatrade is STILL too broken of a platform to be supporting, as people are still insisting on reciprocal trades. Promoted trades aren’t getting people to send any high value cards, and I pity those that still support it.

    1. It still works, you just have to try harder. Just get on discord and talk to traders and stay positive, you can get trades that way. Make an effort and stop griping about it already. Your general negativity is obviously the reason your not getting anything.

      1. One, “try harder” is a shitty answer. I and a lot of people have been trying harder (including spending a lot of time at discord), and nothing comes of it. Now before you fucking start, people like myself gave a lot to Pucatrade at one point, and don’t have recips. Two, I don’t show any negativity in any of my profiles. I’m only telling like it is here as people still seem to support an obviously failing system. But hey, if you want to keep the site going towards a downward spiral, then yeah, continue supporting shitty topics such as Pucatrade.

    2. I suggest you keep it down, as the people at discord are flaming the hell out of you. Now, I’m pretty sure I told you this already, but WAIT. You could do with a reality check.

      1. News flash: I don’t give a fuck about what the mindless people there think about me. Sounds like you’re the one that needs a reality check.

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