PROTRADER: The Best of the Rest

There is a narrative structure to Magic releases, and although it has changed a bit over time, the major points are all largely the same. As in:

  • Spoiler Season
  • Prerelease
  • Release
  • Pre-Pro Tour Environment
  • Pro Tour
  • Post Pro Tour Environment
  • (NEW!) Post Pro Tour B&R announcement

In this system, interest, excitement, and (most importantly) attention are directed at the new release. The last few weeks of a lame-duck Standard format tend to see drops in participation and innovation, and prices on existing cards soften (even more on cards rotating out). One of the most important (and simultaneously, most difficult) things to do during the first few steps of that cycle are to pull OUT OF the gravitational pull of a new set, and focus on which existing cards may be undervalued. Margins are hugely important when it comes to Standard, so its vital to pull the trigger when the time is right. Some of what we discuss today will be informed by what happened at the Star City event over the weekend, as well as expected responses and metagaming course corrections. I think you’ll see what I mean as we get started.

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  1. One thing I noticed was that you said Drana rotates out when AMonkhet becomes legal. I believe that the BFZ rotation is delayed until fall, is that not correct?

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