Brainstorm Brewery #226 – Emo Song Lyrics or Archenemy Schemes?


All shall crumble before our dark realms of majesty is either an album with heavy makeup and hair product, or a sweet multiplayer card. Join us as the cast goes further off the rails than normal into a deep discussion about long forgotten oversized cards.  Also, there is a new best standard deck that is not Mardu vehicles.   Find out which cast member had to block a thousand fake twitter followers.   Also we make you some money, get excited for Brainstormbrewery.

  • Something something guest something Douglas Johnson   (@Rose0fthorns)
  • Breaking Bulk is first in DJs heart and first on the cast
  • Standard green black everything is discussed
  • Pick of the Week
  • Superbowl commercial discussion as a nice finisher
  • Support our Patreon! DO IT. You know this cast makes you more than $1 a week
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  • The contact information for Corbin below is still wrong because he did not send an update

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Douglas Johnson is and will forever be merely a guest

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