PROTRADER: The Watchtower 6/26/17

By: Travis Allen

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Grand Prix Cleveland was a GP For Magic players in the same way that Eric Warheim is a comedian’s comedian. That is to say, it was limited. It was also a fairly quiet weekend overall. GP Vegas and the massive spoiler week were both in the rear view mirror, and there weren’t any further leaks of cards, meaning nothing new really broke out or spiked.

Perhaps most interestingly at the moment is the leaked Ixalan (ix-a-lon) sheet that reveals that planeswalkers are getting the ‘legendary’ supertype. Two possibilities exist here. The simpler of the two is that Wizards is bringing consistency to their card types. Since planeswalkers already behave in the same fashion as other legendary permanents, it makes sense they should have the same supertype. The other, less-occam’s-razor possibility is that they’re adding the supertype in order to set up a rules change in Commander that allows for all planeswalkers to be your general. That’s certainly more of a stretch, but it’s exciting to think about, no? Boy you thought Doubling Season was expensive before…

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