PROTRADER: The Watchtower 9/11/17

By: Travis Allen

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First of all, kudos to Wizards. In what some of us considered to be an audacious and foolhardy challenge, they claimed they were going to not spoil a single Iconic Masters 25 (IMA) before the live draft event at Hascon. People and the internet being what they are, I figured this would only spur people harder to leak cards ahead of time. Yet as 1pm on Friday rolled around and packs were being handed out, I realized that not a single card had made it to Twitter ahead of time. That’s truly impressive.

Now that the full IMA list is out there and we all know what’s in the set, hype has unsurprisingly taken a drive off a cliff. We got excited about Mana Drain, Horizon Canopy, and Ancestral Vision. It’s cool that Serra Ascendant is in. Dragon Tempest at uncommon is lol. Original art Thoughtseize is an unexpected treat, and foils of that are going to be obnoxiously expensive. In general these reprint sets are needed, and exciting ahead of time, although once the full list is out we’re all smoking a cigarette and ready to go exploring.

Ixalan spoilers continue today and they’ve been juicy so far. Sort-of-Gaea’s-Cradle is leading the pack, with foil preorders at $75 or something laughable. This is going to be in high demand but also keep in mind it’s a rare, not a mythic. Ixalan in general is looking to be of relatively lower power level than some of these past Standard sets, but the themes are cool, and there’s a handful of appealing cards, not the least of which are the flip cards. As spoilers wrap up this week (I think), start thinking about what may pull ahead in Standard in a month.

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18 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Watchtower 9/11/17”

  1. The REAL loser is Mishra’s Bauble (reprinted at uncommon). I know a few people that got hit HARD with this reprint. I sorta have to question that decision to reprint at uncommon, since a rare reprinting would be ideal and not piss a lot of people off (not myself).

    1. Well, apologies, but who in the world thought Bauble was a safe place to park their money?

      Depending on who you asked, it was on TWO (equally bad) short lists:

      1) Bannable
      2) Reprintable

      On top of it all, this status was cemented months ago and was identified as such by nearly every MTGFinance writer for some time. Apologies to all who got burned but you had all the time in the world to heed the signs and get out of Bauble.

      1. Agreed on this… though you wouldn’t know this based on how out of touch many of the writers are lately. This site is to Mtg Finance what Fox News and Red State is to politics. BAD!

      2. Out of touch how? Be specific. I talk to these guys constantly…they’re far from out of touch and we’re constantly making/saving you guys money.

  2. Surprised they got it out without anything being spoiled early… but can someone please enlighten me as to how WOTC printed a set called “Iconic Masters” without putting in Shivan Dragon or Serra Angel for sure… or maybe Royal Assassin, Icy Manipulator, etc…

    1. Yes, this one is frustrating to me as well. I hope they do not make it a habit but I really do not hold out much hope. 🙁

  3. hi, sorry to bug the comments but maybe i will be heard here as support is failing to answer me.
    i am a lifetime protrader subscriber.
    i havent been able to access to any protrader contents articles since ages.

    could you please check and fix it ?
    or at list answer my message ?
    this is probably the third msg i send and not a single feedback. please note it was also sent through support messaging.

    …i paid a hefty sum of dollars a few years ago when mtgprice was needing money… is this how trust and support is rewarded ?

    1. Hi VaultAge. I’m just now noticing your comment. I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’re experiencing. I’ve forwarded it over to the people that can assist you with this so we can help you out.

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