PROTRADER: The Watchtower 11/20/17

By: Travis Allen

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Well, I did it. I got married. Whoo. Yes, thanks. My number one tip this week: Don’t spend money on the little things. Try and get food people will enjoy eating, have an open bar, replace the cake with donuts, and find a venue that doesn’t feel cheap. Everything else will fall to the periphery of people’s awareness.

Otherwise, this weekend’s Standard was a snore. There was a lot of Ramunap Red and Energy. Like, too much. Wizards is probably hoping we ignore those and focus on spoilers for Unstable (un…something?) and Rivals of Ixalan, which also had two released this morning.

Iconic Masters also came out. Did you know that? People that weren’t in an LGS this weekend and also don’t live on Twitter probably didn’t realize. Why would you have? Everyone is completely sleeping on it, and not unfairly. Wizards is releasing products left and right, so while one is hitting shelves we’re getting spoilers for another. It’s also not a terribly exciting set. You either need a few of the cards, so you pick them up, or you don’t, so you basically ignore it. And apparently draft sets are being sold at big box stores, such as Target, which is a major change from past masters sets. Why are they doing this? Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if there are plans to write a guide to finding the best Black Friday deals? I know there was one last year, but I want to know if it will happen again. Thanks!

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