Brainstorm Brewery #310 Gavin Verhey, Architect of Sets



Corbin’s (@CHosler88), DJ (@Rose0fThorns) and Jason (@jasonEalt) have on a very special guest, Senior Game Designer and Writer at Wizards of the Coast, Gavin Verhey (@GavinVerhey) to talk about all things magic and get a good look behind the R&D curtain.

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  • John Fishmen

  • This is Halloween

  • Naughty or Nice

  • Commander Design

  • The Flaws of C18

  • Salty Corbin

  • Bye bye Ban List; Hello Hall of Fame

  • Just Wait ‘Em Out Gavin.

  • Commander Lands

  • Cycles

  • Commander’s Arsenal


  • Deep Spawning Christmas Gifts

  • Doctor Who Masters Sets – Confirmed!

  • GuildMaster Set

  • Searching vs Look at the Top X cards

  • Fetches

  • Brawling with the Future

  • Over Extended

  • What’s Your Endgame

  • Retail Development Team

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