Brainstorm Brewery #311 Not For Sale



Corbin’s (@CHosler88) is gone but  DJ (@Rose0fThorns) and Jason (@jasonEalt) are ready to proxy in @TheProxyGuy to talk about proxies, bling, tokens and all things magic.

Make sure to check us out on Youtube for hidden easter eggs and facial reactions

  • 00:15 Just like Kindergarten

  • 04:20 He doesn’t sell proxies!

  • 17:15 What Foils to use?

  • 18:08 Tokens!

  • 19:55 Dry Erase Tokens

  • 22:39 Proxy Cubes

  • 29:50 Breaking Bulk


  • 46:35 Top Gun

  • 53:47 Mighty Ducks …. Again

  • 1:02:46 C16 vs C17 vs C18

  • 1:06:37 Proxies for Nikes

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