Brainstorm Brewery #316 This is What They Want



t’s one of those episodes but don’t blame Jason (@jasonEalt), Corbin (@CHosler88) and DJ (@Rose0fThorns) it’s Wizard’s who decided to make their major announcement on a Thursday. Like who releases anything important on a Thursday… wait this podcast comes out when?…. Oh…. Awkward.

Make sure to check us out on Youtube for hidden easter eggs and facial reactions

  • 00:15 Coming of Age (Subscribe to Afterhours on Patreon to here the rest)

  • 02:41 Corbin’s Story Corner

  • 10:45 Tom Green

  • 17:50 No this isn’t Obvious

  • 25:45 Breaking Bulk

  • 33:10 MTG Arena

  • 40:18 FTV Emails

  • 44:03 Banding and a Quiz


  • 51:17 New Token! by Johnny Acurso

  • 57:25 Pick of the Week

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