Pro Trader: The Next Tatyova


This week, instead of giving you a bunch of picks and letting you figure out which one you want to buy, I’m going to… give you a bunch of picks and let you figure out which ones you want to buy. Yeah, halfway through that sentence I realized I actually was doing that thing, but with extra steps which is the best way to say you’re not doing something but actually do exactly the thing you said you weren’t. I thought I wasn’t going to do a normal article, and I’m not, but I realized that you can approach the rest of what I write the way you approach this one and have a very high success rate. So, rather than give you 5 picks I’m medium-to-high on, I’m going to give you a bunch of candidates for a future slam dunk and let you figure out what’s what. Sound complicated? It’s not, I promise. I’ll walk you through it.

As the title indicates, I want to talk about Tatyova, and, with any luck, figure out the next Tatyova while it’s still cheap. “But Tatyova is cheap” I can almost hear you thinking before you double check, glad you didn’t blurt it out for everyone to hear.

This is NOT cheap. This is an uncommon from a recent set that hit $3 AFTER it was printed in Mystery Boosters. Will there be another Tatyova ever again? Maybe, maybe not. I’m going to identify a few potential candidates and kick myself for not going deeper on foils when Dominaria just came out.

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ProTrader: Magic doesn’t have to be expensive.