Ravnica: Cluedo, Universes Beyond, and the short history of new cards outside boosters

We are slowly finding out about the contents of Ravnica: Clue Edition (Or Cluedo, if you’re international) and it turns out that this product is not just a reskin of the original board game, but more like a special auxiliary set for Magic. It’ll function a lot like Jumpstart, with premade boosters ready to be shuffled together, and a common pool of Evidence to be used in the game as well.

Jumpstart is a product that’s being phased out, thankfully, because while the concept is neat it contains mechanically new cards and sought-after reprints. Sounds like a great mix, but because it sells in such low quantities, the Jumpstart-only cards occasionally get expensive.

The biggest problem is, we’re getting these mechanically unique cards in a box that’s preselling for $70 on Amazon. We’ve seen examples

of this before, and now Wizards is out there all over again, making the same mistake twice.

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