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PROTRADER: Making Magic More Convenient for You and Your Customers

A common trope in the Magic community these days is that of players quitting (or threatening to quit) Magic Online in favor of Hearthstone. There seems to be universal recognition that Hearthstone is an inferior game, and although the client for HS is better than MTGO, it’s not perfect by any means, as anyone who has played Blizzard’s game a fair amount can tell you.

What, then, is causing this constant stream of players threatening to quit Magic Online in favor of a lesser game? Anyone who has played Magic Online for an extended period can answer this one: convenience and time commitment. Hearthstone allows players to jump in, get playing within minutes, and spend as little or as much time as they want on the game. Magic Online, on the other hand, requires a minimum time commitment of at least two hours for anything other than two-player queues, which have been historically poor value—and you’ll probably have to sell some cards to get some tickets to buy some packs in order to get the best price on your entry fee.

People love convenience. They’ll always take the path of least resistance, even if it means moving to a lower-tier product. Adapting to this knowledge can help you better serve your customers and better attract players to sell you cards. You can also takes steps to save Future You™ time, making your life more convenient.

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