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PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar Set Review – Colorless and Multicolor

We have a lot to get to today. There is one really quick point that I want to make about this set as a whole, that I think a lot of people have been glossing over. Remember when Theros was spoiled and everyone thought it looked weak? People said the same thing about Dragons of Tarkir.

Both of those sets (and I predict most, if not all, future sets) were more about interaction and complexity on the battlefield, not the stack. That means that it is harder to evaluate them in a vacuum (which is what we do before the set is available to play with), which hopefully means longer windows for players to get in on cards before they take off. It happened with cards like Sphinx’s Revelation, Boros Reckoner, Hangarback Walker, Abbot of Keral Keep, and Collected Company, so there is certainly hope. Anyway, I just wanted to make that point nice and clear.

Oh, and one more big thing. I just want to say at the top that this set is going to be opened in potentially record-breaking numbers. This lowers the ceilings of rares considerably, and means that your long-term targets may take significantly longer to hit. There are still opportunities for cards like Abrupt Decay (from RTR, the last set with this type of hype), but look at how much play it takes to get to a card of that level.

Let’s start with true colorless cards, and then tack on the few artifacts and close with multicolor. We will hit all the rares and mythics, skip the pointless-for-us commons, and then also touch on any cards that I have really funny jokes for (uncommons are on a case-by-case basis). There will just be one “foils of Note” section at the bottom.

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