PROTRADER: Collecting Company

Hello, and welcome to “That New Clash Pack Week” here at! I’m (partially) kidding, of course, although the finance community is right to be excited. There are very few opportunities for a 100-percent clean arbitrage, and the numbers on this product currently work out in the buyer’s favor.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Collecting Company”

  1. Loved the writing style and humor. Thanks for an entertaining read! 🙂

  2. You were pretty harsh on Infinite Obliteration. I know its not a mainboard card but don’t you expect it to at least be in sideboards as a response to some of the big threats like Ojutai, Atarka, Eldrazi and maybe even Siege Rhino or Deathmist Raptor?

    As an added bonus it EXILES the creatures so your opponent can’t use graveyard shenanigans to get them back. Its a sorcery and that sucks but still. I think its a great option for underpowered tribal decks like Warriors/Elves and whatnot to make sure you don’t hit any brick walls in the mid to late game. Exile whatever you can’t run over that way you can keep swinging in for damage with your Bloodsoaked Champions.

    If you were running Erebos’s Titans you might want to run Infinite Obliteration as well. When you read the cards side by side you start to realize that Infinite Obliteration isn’t good enough on its own, but with cards like Erebos’s Titan some synergies emerge that can create some value.

    Infinite Obliteration helps fulfill both Erebos’s Titans abilities which is the type of synergy this card needs to see multiple copies in a deck. I could really see these two cards in a Mono-Black Warrior or Zombie deck. Throw in some Deathtouch from Graveblade Marauder and Maybe some Menace from Guilt-Leaf Winnower? Could be a thing.

    1. Financially speaking… Infinite Obliteration is probably a bust. But I do think its a solid $1 rare. If it gets to be in the 25-40 cent range I’ll be buying in. I might grab a playset for $1 just to try out some mono black Erebos’s Titan and Warrior Shenanigans.

      1. It’s the type of effect that can be situationally important (it may exist purely because of Deathmist Raptor), but it’s also the kind of thing that a certain level of player overvalues. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these trading well in the next few weeks.

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