PROTRADER: A Look Back at Fetch Lands

Several witty titles floated around my head for this article, mostly some kind of lame pun involving the word “fetch,” but then I decided it just wasn’t ever going to happen, so here we are.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with straightforward, is there? And that’s where I want to be this week: some good, old-fashioned analysis of Standard’s five most important cards, the fetch lands from Khans of Tarkir.

And I will. But first I figure I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the state of Standard after last weekend’s first preview of it.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: A Look Back at Fetch Lands”

  1. “That is, until a year from now, when Rotation will begin to creep up on these.”

    Even people as smart and on the ball as you have not yet internalised or grasped that the Rotation game has changed. A year from now Khans will have rotated 4 months beforehand and if your projected pattern holds their bottom price will have been hit 4 before that. (For those keeping track that is 4 months from now.)

    1. Good catch. I thought about it as I wrote it, but for some reason I figured I was still throwing out a safe number in terms of Rotation. Guess that makes this article even more timely!

  2. Corbin,

    Great piece, and I agree with your message tracks on Fetches. Khans fetches to me are simply a avenue for liquidity. I’m not holding them sacred at all for similar reasons. And with larger print runs now vs. when Zendikar was out, I suspect the price ceiling on these will remain lower as well.

    Now I need to make 2 nitpicky points. 🙂

    1) When I wrote my article for this past Monday I was SO close to saying the same thing about Hangarback Walker “no way we could have anticipated this card’s success because no XX spells are good”. Then I remembered Chalice of the Void. We should say XX creatures are no good, instead.

    2) Windswept Heath is probably getting a LOT of selling pressure because it’s in the Event Deck. That’s probably a big reason that this one is dropping while other fetches are rising. Just food for thought, don’t think it takes away from your conclusion at all.

  3. Proud of that Mean girls reference Corbin? Because you should be.

    There’s still plenty of groups with $8-$12 fetches for sale on facebook, and I’m just slowly gathering them as I can afford. The end game is a Calendar event set for two years from now telling me to look for that box.

    1. would you be able to recommend some facebook groups to join for this ? not fetches in particular but I have looked for these groups in the past and had no luck.

  4. I think a lot of what you said about certain cards reaching their floor before rotation can be applied to a certain foil I’ve been talking about lately. Plenty of people are trying to tell me that I should wait until rotation to buy in…

    Well I’m not waiting any more and I suggest others get their cheap copies too!

    BUY FOIL NYKTHOS between $10 and $13!!! You will be extremely lucky to find these prices after rotation! Everyone who is waiting will be paying $15 to $20 after rotation. And yes… EDH players will buy these foils for $25+ in a few years.

    The reason I am soo bullish on Nykthos Foils is because what is the WORST that can happen really? They drop to a highly unlikely $10 and then recover within a month or two? What do people really expect when rotation hits? Plenty of non-foils will hit the market but foils??? Any that do are going to be gobbled up in minutes.

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