PROTRADER: Why the Pro Tour Results Don’t Matter As Much As You Think

For our purposes as financiers, the results of this Pro Tour don’t matter that much. Granted, if you were holding a whole bunch of copies of Abbot of Keral Keep or Demonic Pact, they certainly matter in the short term, and as Sigmund illustrated yesterday, you should definitely be cashing in on these specs sooner rather than later.

But in the grand scheme of things, here’s the situation: half the cards in the format are going to rotate in less than two months. Basing your decisions as a financier on what happened last weekend is short-sighted at best, but we should absolutely take a look at the top Standard decks to see if anything will remain largely intact post-rotation.

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3 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Why the Pro Tour Results Don’t Matter As Much As You Think”

  1. Thanks for the article! Great insights, and I share a your opinion. Pro Tour just showed me how awesome abbot of keral keep is, and i think he will hold his new price, and eventually, if played in modern aswell, mount up even further.

  2. I really thought about trying out U/R thopters but I just had to sell the cards I had from M15/Theros that spiked. It was just too good of an opportunity to sell. Keeping this standard cycle in perspective is a very good suggestion. Thanks for your thoughts on the Pro Tour! Let us know when you break that starfield enchantment deck!

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