PROTRADER: Pro Tour Origins and Some Important Numbers

Rumor on the street is that my article last week on credit buylisting was unlocked for everyone to see. Whether or not it was intentional, I’m delighted at the positive feedback I received on it. Due to popular interest, I intend to revisit this topic at a later date. I’m still actively testing my hypothesis—that anyone can turn store credit at one shop into greater store credit at another shop, and so on. Once I have some worthwhile data, I’ll share some steps along my credit journey.

For this week, however, I believe something more timely needs to be discussed. Of course I am referring to Pro Tour Origins, which took place in Vancouver last weekend.

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6 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Pro Tour Origins and Some Important Numbers”

  1. I kind of figured Abbot would surpass Pact throughout the day Sunday. Let me be the first to comment and state that Abbot is officially the big winner of the weekend. Props to those who were speculating on it – I missed the boat completely.

  2. Ensoul Artifact was the big winner in my opinion. A natural player buyout occured and the card spiked from 75 cents to around $5. I sold some for 3.99ea yesterday. Its nice when profits come from your bulk box.

    I don’t know if I’m comfortable targeting standard cards right now. I’m currently targeting rotating foils that I think will have long-term upside. I currently like Nykthos foils and Ajani, mentor of heroes foils. Both are casual/edh allstars, both can pop up in Modern and both have extremely low foil supply. Plus, they seem hard to reprint any time soon.

    I’m expecting some crazy high foil multipliers for these two down the line and I really don’t think the foil demand hinges on the cards being in standard at all. Everyone wants a foil Nykthos for EDH and every Selesnya player wants a G/W Ajani. Nykthos seems like an even more attractive target with it popping up in Modern Elves lists!

    1. The Ensoul Artifact jump happened Sunday, so I didn’t see it while I was writing this article. But you’re absolutely right that it was the big winner at the end of the day. You were wise selling them – I’d recommend everyone sell their copies now.

      Your approach has significant merits, indeed. I was not advocating that Standard is THE place to play right now. Instead, I was just providing recommendations on where to play if one insists on Standard bets. Isn’t foil Nykthos already super expensive? If not, then it’s definitely a strong buy because it deserves a huge multiplier, to your point.

      Thanks for the build!

  3. Sig, you mentioned that now is the time to get foil Monastery Mentors. Is that for personal use only or do you think there is a decent upside to this card still as a spec? At $45 already this would need to climb quite high to make it worth it. Is there a chance this hits $80+ in the mid to long term?

    1. Jagster,

      Great question. I’m not the type to go deep on something like foil Monastery Mentor. I purchased 5 copies a few months ago for around $35 each (meant to obtain only a playset, but accidentally won an extra auction on eBay). Now they’re $45, so these have seen some steady growth already. I hear the card is very powerful in Vintage, and it definitely has legs in Legacy as well. So I don’t really see huge downside here. It’s not like Standard is a main driver for foil values. Being a Mythic from a smaller set, there are many favorable factors that point to gradual growth.

      So if you want a personal set, I see no reason to wait. But if you’re looking for an investment that will double up, I agree there are better places to park your money. But these are at least very safe, if nothing else. The same probably goes for foil Tasigur.

      Thanks for the question!

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