PROTRADER: Modern History Set Review, Champions of Kamigawa

BRIEF INTROSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION: I was reading a strategy article this morning, and the author mentioned off-hand how exhausted he was of having to write about Abzan. It made me realize that even though Magic finance has its share of redundancies (do you know what “spread” means? Because it’s very important!), at least our primary focus doesn’t get bogged down by “that deck won again!” I dunno, it made sense to me when I thought it, but I also hadn’t had my first coffee. Anyways, have a great day and enjoy the article you’re about to read!


I want to say one thing that is positive (kind of) about this set before we dive into it, and while this would probably fit best under the analysis portion, I think it needs to be front-loaded so that the prices all make sense. Champions of Kamigawa has done something that I’ve never really seen happen before, in that the overall value of the set surged with the popularity of Commander. This set’s EV was largely in line with Betrayers and Saviors, and now… well… it’s better. There were a handful of years where this set was nothing more than the Sensei’s Divining Top lottery, so it’s pretty interesting to see that there is still some hope for sets even after they are several years out of print.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Modern History Set Review, Champions of Kamigawa

  1. I do love this series, and im glad it’s back. I left Magic in Champions and didnt return until RTR so that tells you how much i liked Champions.
    Now as a Commander player its a great place to mine for useful cards!

    1. thanks!

      It’s weird, I barely remember playing right after CoK (maybe because I was too busy with marching band?), but I remember SoK crystal-clear.

  2. thanks, but: omg, how do I hate this new flip mechanic. I don’t play with sleeves, and I can’t be bothered to play with those replacement cards that all look the same and don’t say what each card does. I wish they had done it the Kamigawa way, since now I cannot play werewolves.

    1. I know it’s a pain to flip them back and forth (I don’t use the proxy cards either), but I feel like none of the flip cards in Kamigawa were able to be very interesting because they had to fit two text boxes in one card. The art was horrible because it was basically half and half, so you’re really getting about a quarter of the usual artwork. They also just didn’t *feel* like real cards. It was weird.

  3. In regards to Minamo, its usually a one-of on merfolk decks, and it weirdly shows up at pretty much every top 32 in a handful of decks.

    See the WMC this weekend, in the modern portion it was used to keep ojutai constantly untapped and attacking for pretty good success.

  4. Mirridon made me think about quitting Magic. Champions made me quit. I hated the entire block. I got back in again with Theros, and I’m so glad I did. My wife isn’t.

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