PROTRADER: What to Expect When You’re Expeditioning

The one thing that stinks about my articles going up on Friday is that a lot of Magic‘s news cycle typically happens on weekends (since that’s when all of the meaningful tournaments happen), with the news dumps occurring on Monday. The reason why this article isn’t all about the Expedition lands is because you’ve probably spent the last four days reading articles about them. Because we really haven’t learned too much about them between PAX and my writing this, I don’t have too much to offer that you haven’t heard already, which stinks because I need pageviews to feed my family it’s a really interesting topic to discuss.

All I can say right now is that while I remain convinced that most players should look at these as free gift cards for your local game store (rather than “now I need three more Steam Vents like this?!”), I will very likely fall incredibly hard for the eventual Verdant Catacombs and Overgrown Tomb copies, and attempt to get a set of each. In fact, you should probably just send me yours. Please? I NEED THEM.

Today is going to be one of those days where we hit a bunch of different topics at once, because this is probably our last chance until after BFZ releases. It will be a delightful mix of finance insight, tournament results (!), and mirth.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: What to Expect When You’re Expeditioning”

    1. It would be pretty sweet though.

      Plus, Wasteland is arguably one of the biggest access points to Legacy, so putting more out there isn’t a bad thing. Also, the new wastelands are judge promos, so that’s not a big boost.

  1. Very funny, making up for the “not much to see here” content. I hope you have breaking news to write about next week!

  2. Fyi, i have some information from a good source that says the Expeditions will be two per case. Just throwing that out there.

    1. louis.rizzuto that can’t be right. Those numbers would flood the market with copies and diminish the price into near bulk.

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