PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar – First Impressions

The Eldrazi have returned. So too have the allies. The world of Zendikar is still under assault, and the denizens have rallied to try and fend off their otherworldly invaders. It’s an epic struggle that will almost certainly end in drama, tragedy, and possibly heroics.

Also, we’ve got some cool cards.

It’s the latter I’ll talk about today. Battle for Zendikar has a lot of things going for it (and spoiler season isn’t even over!), and I want to touch on some of the major ones today.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar – First Impressions”

  1. I’m in on 10x Kabira at $0.80/ea. I was a little late to pick them up but I’m optimistic.

    Given the new mechanic Ingest and all of this exile business in this new set, do you have any read on Nightveil Specter? I know that a lot of its value came from it’s devotion count, but it’s a unique card and I’m wondering if you see it going anywhere ever again. I’m kind of thinking “NO” but wanted to see if you had any thoughts.

    1. Yeah, I’m not really a fan of it at this point. It’s not much of a Modern player and I doubt it will be. In addition, the promo printings of it (buy-a-box, I think) also hold it down.

      If we’re talking specters in Modern, I’m all about Sedraxis Specter 😉

  2. The more spoilers I look at the more I think I could make a pretty spivey sultai deck with a couple Eldrazi In it 😛

  3. Interesting article as usual Corbin.

    Esper is getting a number of good looking cards. More significantly Esper looks much smoother with the new land base – I’m expecting to see it be a thing. So I like Fathom Feeder.

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