PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar Set Review – Blue

MTGPrice’s Travis Allen and Sigmund Ausfresser have both covered very well the common-sense idea that the Expeditions lands included in the rare Battle for Zendikar pack will lower prices, both by increasing the number of packs opened by gambling-minded players and adding pricey top-end cards that will put downward pressure on everything else in the set. I agree with their assessments, but you’ve already read all about those factors, so I’m not going to continue to harp on it. Cards in this set will be worth less than they would be should the Expeditions lands not exist. We get it.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Battle for Zendikar Set Review – Blue”

    1. Touché. I mean, I stated upfront that most everything was bulk, so it’s not like I buried the lede. But yeah, the cards in this section are pretty uninspiring.

      1. Granted. But… I would much rather see commentary on foils, or maybe some mention of khans block cards that will be affected by how soft this set is (particularly the blue). I know that may not be SOP for these review articles, but it’s way more interesting to read (and write) than figuring out 20 paragraph-length phrasings of “meh.”

  1. Are there images in this article? I can’t see them, and because it’s an evaluation of a new set, it’s quiet annoying.
    Don’t know if it’s the article writer(s) or my computer who decided not to have images here.

    1. I completely agree that new sets require card images, so you’ll be seeing one for every card reviewed in these set reviews. In other words, it’s your computer. 🙂

  2. Question about Bring to Light: you can cast the card whenever right? Seems like a solid commander card for sure because your opponent can’t easily mess with the exile zone. You can just have that free card there until something bad happens or you are ready to go off. By that time your opponent may have forgotten about it.

    Grab a counterspell for when some jackass tries to wipe the board of your hard earned advantage. Or grab a cheap tutor and save it for just the right time. I think people are trying to do too much if they are trying to grab 5cmc spells. The fact that you can tutor for a specific spell that you can cast anytime during the game is cool… But the true value is that its in the exile zone and therefore hard to deal with and many times will come out of nowhere.

    I read the card correctly right? It doesn’t say “until end of turn” anywhere on it? Add in some recursion and cast this multiple times? Could be a combo enabler for sure. At the very least it gives you “outs” for major situations and could lead to some crazy advantage in the right decks.

    I think Commander deck brewers will be having some fun with this card for sure. If some combo emerges I’ll probably have to pick up some foils!

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