PROTRADER: Looking Back While Others Look Forward

The release has happened. Battle for Zendikar is legal in Standard. We’ll be seeing the earliest results for the new format this weekend, which will increase the prices on a few cards. Then the Pro Tour will cause some major swings, and Khans of Tarkir will be at its highest price index since its release—the perfect time to sell.

It’s not too late to pick up cards from Khans block if you haven’t fully stocked your speculation coffers yet. The last several months here at MTGPrice, however, have seen a plethora of articles dedicated to Khans of Tarkir block. Check out the blog archives for a ton of opinions and thousands of words.

I want to look even further back today. Nobody cares at all about Theros block right now, or M15 for that matter, and that’s exactly why those sets are perfect places to look for cards to scoop.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Looking Back While Others Look Forward”

  1. I honestly think Ajani, Mentor of Heroes foils will have a huge price correction in the next year or two. Probably going to double up.

    Non-foils are around $10 which is fine I guess. Maybe these go up to $15 in time. But the foil multiplier right now is only 2x putting foils around $20. I feel like such a unique planeswalker in selesnya colors should warrant at least a 4x multiplier. Supply is fairly low on foils and yet the multiplier remains low.

    How do they reprint this Ajani? I don’t think they will, we will just keep getting new ones. This planeswaker is great in commander and casual games and has even seen some standard and modern play.

    I think that foils are a fairly safe bet to double up long-term. I was actively picking up foils under $20 when I could and now I have 4 or 5 I think. I’m looking to sell/trade these in a couple years for $40+. At any rate, I HIGHLY doubt that I lose money on this spec with a 2x multiplier on foils right now. The only way foils don’t go up is if non-foils drop to $5 and STAY there, making the $20 foils make sense (4x). But like I said, I’m betting non-foils rebound to at least $10 and foils will be $40+.

    Anyone agree? Disagree? Why, why not?

  2. So I just canceled my protrader account five minutes ago….and I no longer have access to protrader content. Wouldn’t I get the rest of the month that I’ve already paid $4.99 for?

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