PROTRADER: There’s Still Time for Last-Minute PT Prep

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar is this weekend. That means that next week will be the culmination of this year’s efforts—the time that much of the MTG finance community will be selling off all its stockpiled speculation targets.

Of course, it’s a big week for players, too. The reason next week will be so good for sellers is because there is going to be a ton of buyers looking to get in on the new Standard format. That means opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “PROTRADER: There’s Still Time for Last-Minute PT Prep”

  1. Seen very little standard play and increased 50% in 6 weeks since its post ORI low. Dont count out Dragon Whisperer just yet, theres definitely some upside from when you could buy in at $2-$2.50

    1. On TCGplayer there are only 6 sellers with 4 or more NM copies, all of which are larger stores.

  2. This article says pro trader yet I know some people that aren’t members are able to read this article because it doesn’t cut off where it’s supposed to not much value for us pro trader members. 🙁

  3. Agreed, not sure what we are paying for if all these articles are public and some of us (me included) are STILL not getting our pro-trade briefings, on the week of the pro-tour, this is an especially bad time to be missing your customers. Why don’t I get the emails anymore?!

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