PROTRADER: Accountability – Reviewing Rotation Calls

There’s very little more important to me than accountability in Magic finance. I write to help people afford this game, not to make myself rich—this is why I don’t speculate. Still, I obviously follow the market very closely, and that’s why I’ve been writing over the last few weeks and months about the cards I thought were good pickups as we neared rotation. With so many important cards leaving Standard, it was clear we were going to see some new stuff rise up to take those places, and even if the archetypes themselves have remained the same, we’ve seen new cards fill in.

Without further preamble, I’ll dig in with the first article I wrote on the subject, published on August 13, 2015.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Accountability – Reviewing Rotation Calls”

  1. I totally agree the Rattleclaw still has a chance with Oath. I’m also holding my See the Unwritten copies til then

    1. I think this isn’t a bad idea. Depending on how many StU you have, it may be correct to liquidate some now to get back some costs in case it never gets there.

      1. I had 20 copies at 2.70 each but outed 8 during the BFZ hype. I wanted to hold the rest to see what the PT did, but I don’t think there was 1 copy in any of the 367 decks. Great impression of Alt during the podcast btw. Thanks for commenting

  2. Nice job Corbin, I really enjoy when you take time to reflect back on your previous thoughts and try to learn from any mistakes that were made in the past.

    Some might view it as boasting if you happened to have many calls that went up in price, however as a fellow writer I see it as a learning exercise that the whole community benefits from. Keep ’em coming in the future.

  3. The thing I love about Savage Knuckleblade is that the card REALLY appeals to FNM players. Savage Knuckleblade is probably one of the most played cards in my LGS, so I definitely see the appeal. That type of quasi-grassroots demand is interesting, but since those types of players are not quite as fully enfranchised, the card stays cheap. They certainly play Rattleclaw Mystic too.

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