PROTRADER: Götterdämmerung

BRIEF INTRODUCTORY ASIDE: I want to first start off similar to the way the Thriller music video did, with a disclaimer. I do not believe that the following descriptions of events are likely, nor are they predictions of future events. Like a fire drill at school, this is more about being prepared for an extremely unlikely occurrence in the event it actually happens. Let’s all just hope that things never get to that point.

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7 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Götterdämmerung”

  1. Seriously? Trump bankrupting the US economy? I’m no fan of Trump, but, don’t start this liberal BS… how’s the REAL unemployment looking right now under your savior Obama?

  2. Nice article Ross, and I agree that this great game will never die. I had that feeling when I opened my first Ice Age tournament pack (remember those), back in 95. I really thought that the idea of Mtg was so ahead of its time back then and I was hooked ever since.

    1. Thanks! I do remember tournament packs (and Ice Age). It’s crazy how different things are now- the process is much more streamlined, and everything feels more stable on WotC’s end. That’s what gives me the most faith in the game’s survival.

  3. “Hearthstone doesn’t crash in the middle of a game, but MTGO does.”

    For mobile players this is unfortunately false 🙁 Staying connected with wi-fi on some devices can be a pain in the butt sometimes!

    All jokes aside, great work as usual boss, I really enjoyed this article!

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