Brainstorm Brewery #178 – Don’t Use the B-Word

Stop saying “Buyout” because you’re almost certainly using it incorrectly. There were some price corrections, some runs and some hype this week and the gang gets to the bottom of what happened. With Oath of the Gatewatch nearly spoiled and EDH cards heating up in Financial markets, there is a to to discuss. You won’t want to miss a nanosecond.


  • Marcel’s typical intro
  • Buyouts?
  • EDH Finance?
  • Oath Spoilers!
  • Pick of the Week is back! You’re welcome
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3 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #178 – Don’t Use the B-Word”

  1. Hmm….the message was not to call every price spike a “buyout”, yet the casters themselves used the word quite often in both the cast and in their linked twitters. It would seem as though it is ingrained in the finance vernacular!

  2. People that complain about others using the word buyout incorrctly better realize that no matter how it happens if a card is sold out everywhere then a buyout HAS happened hence the term BUY—OUT.
    Get a life.

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