PROTRADER: Important Matters

Hey, happy 2016! The year is getting off to a pretty strong start with these preview cards that we’ve been getting (we will talk about them a little bit, but I’m ultimately saving strength for my set review portion). We are actually going to start this article (and this year!) off with a bit of a quick hits, just to cover all of the things that happened while I was off.

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6 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Important Matters”

  1. Couple of random thoughts :

    i) On ‘Spoilergate’ the only thing Wizards has (very cleverly) said is that the judges in that group had previously had access to spoilers. Well yeah them and the whole internet. What they said was (IMO) slyly meant to infer that there had been repeated leaks in and from this group without actually saying it.

    ii) No one feels stronger than I have that Pro Tours should be standard. But for this set I make an exception and am glad it’s Modern. There are cards in OGW that will cause seismic waves in the format.

    1. I’m slowly regaining interest in Modern, but I just can’t get excited about it. It’s almost like golf, where I’d rather be playing it than watching others play (although I like golf more).

  2. I preordered 5 playsets from an international seller (this one has always shipped quickly) for $85 + $5 shipping. I figured $4 each was a reasonable buy in.

  3. Hi Ross;

    Re: Spoilergate – I (as a judge) generally agree with you on this issue, with one exception – the judge who reported this to Wizards and enabled them to find the leak source was also banned. If we’re treating whistleblowers the same way as the people who break the rules, why would anyone report cases like this (which is WotC’s stated expectation)? That part is, to my mind, unacceptable.

    Anyway, just wanted to get my $0.02 out there.

    1. Whoa, definitely missed that bit! Yeah, I agree, you don’t want to punish whistleblowers like that.

      Maybe this will be the next season of Serial?

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