The World’s Most Efficient Set Review: Oath of the Gatewatch Edition

So you may have noticed by now that we here at MTGPrice did not do our traditional division of labor for set review season. It makes sense given the context, because Oath of the Gatewatch is a small set that, due to unprecedented internal issues over inside Wizards1, feels cramped. However, I definitely think that there is enough meat on the bone that the set needs to be examined. And hey, if we finish early, y’all can go play on the playground before you get picked up. Deal? That’s what I thought.

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4 thoughts on “The World’s Most Efficient Set Review: Oath of the Gatewatch Edition”

  1. No mention of Crush of Tentacles?

    Shame… I think it’s got legs. Or tentacles. Or something. Easy enough to surge in Standard with rebound cards in the format, and git probe into it in Modern control (as if that’s still a thing… but if it ever becomes one…)

    1. I think the card is good enough to make waves (:D) in constructed, but I don’t know that it is the type of card to make a big impact in price- it’s really only good in one type of deck, and you don’t necessarily want to cast multiples.

      I *DO* like BDM’s idea of using Oath of Nissa to “turn on” Surge, since casting Crush of Tentacles actually re-buys the Oath.

  2. you missed thought-knot seer which just doubled in price. colorless thoughtseize on a 4/4 body for 3 + 1 wastes….it would be sick in a MUD deck that powers it out on T2, strips a removal/counterspell, then slams a wurmcoil engine down.

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