PROTRADER: Playing Better, Part 2: Tournaments


There is something strange going on right now, and I don’t mean the variable quality episodes of the new X-Files mini-series. Turnout for Magic tournaments in the last few years has gone up tremendously, and opportunities for organized play have grown in response. In this week’s edition of “Playing Better” (Part One can be found here), we are going to approach Magic Finance from the perspective of Tournament Finance, to make sure that you aren’t losing money just by showing up. Oh, and we will be going over the homework later, so leave it out on your desks.

And in the interests of full disclosure- I HAVE written on this subject in the past, but things have since changed significantly enough that I feel it’s worth addressing.

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  1. Just want to say those commander pods dont last 3 hours, maybe 10 minutes at the most because there is a prize most people are either playing turn 2-3 combo wins or casual who dont know what they are getting into. So not worth it.

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