PROTRADER: Sig’s Quick Hits

This week I need to author an abbreviated column, as I have a family engagement that precludes me from writing a full article [Editor’s note – don’t miss James Chillcott’s Digging For Dollars piece to fill the gap!]. This will likely be the case next week as well. Rest assured, however – I still intend to at least provide you with my ever-so-popular Sig’s Quick Hits Feature! This time it’s expanded for even more value!

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Sig’s Quick Hits”

  1. And I thought the guy who bought my HP Juzam for 175$ last summer was crazy… Well I was for selling it I guess.

  2. Due to the rarity of the cards in question speculation could easily play a large part in the prices of the cards for which you attribute the rise to Old School play. I include people who prioritize picking up the cards for non-Old School play and collectors who decide to jump in before it goes even higher among these as they are basically speculating that the price will increase too.

    It may be good to think of a different way to measure increased Old School play and see if that is indeed the most likely explanation for the rise in the price of these cards. I have my doubts, but would gladly be convinced. Personally I think that speculation has a much bigger impact than actual play, but I can’t really think of a good way to measure that. I don’t know enough about Old School to say for certain that it’s seeing more play, but maybe you have the sources for that?

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