Brainstorm Brewery #205 – Casale Pride


Jim Casale (@phrost_) was our guest on the podcast. The gang talks finance, the Pro Tour (for which Jim is qualified), Modern and even a little NHL news to boot. You’ll hear tons of finance tips, Jim’s philosophy about the Pro Tour, a special announcement about where to find him in the future and all of the BSB banter you’ve grown to expect over the years.  


  • Jim Casale is our guest (@Phrost_)
  • Pro Tour!
  • Magic!
  • Prices!
  • Who reads show notes?
  • Breaking Bulk is a permanent segment! I hope!
  • Pick of the Week!
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One thought on “Brainstorm Brewery #205 – Casale Pride”

  1. Glad to see Brainstorm Brewery going strong into the 200s now. Keep up the good work and thanks for sticking with it and evolving as you go. Keep the name-drops coming including people, vendors and also websites you guys use on the daily. Google can spew out a ton of results but I’ve honestly gathered more meaningful resources just listening to podcasts and reading random articles.

    In other words… Thanks for being OLD guys! 🙂

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