PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 9/8/16

So we are neck-deep in excitement over Kaladesh, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I made my Eldritch Moon picks a couple of weeks ago, and my logic stands, though I’m going to be watching some of these prices closely. If Liliana, the Last Hope doesn’t lower in price by Christmas, I think we’re going to have a new pattern in Standard pricing, reflecting the paradigm of an 18-month cycle.

The final data will be in when Gideon, Ally of Zendikar rotates, and what his graph looks like.

However, this week, I want to look at Conspiracy: Take the Crown and examine what’s worth picking up. The set has had a big initial release and maybe it’s got another week or two of play, but I know I’m burning out on the set. I’ve done a lot of drafts and had a good time, but it feels like a lot of durdling and a lot of delaying, and that’s not always fun.

I think that we are near the highest point of supply on these cards, and that means it’s time to get the ones you want. Some of these picks are growth picks, likely to slowly increase, but some of these are speculative, because they are very good and are waiting to be broken.

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5 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 9/8/16”

  1. Hmm, I’m kind of surprised you didn’t mention Birds of Paradise or Burgeoning. Is it because you think they still have room to drop? I’m glad both are under $5 right now and was considering picking up a few extra copies.

    These two cards seem like they will be the absolute easiest to trade for other staples down the line.

    1. Birds is one of the most-printed cards around, and it has kept its price relatively stable. I don’t think it’s going to move too much, but it’s a blue-chipper.

      Burgeoning is just like Exploration, except that is seeing some play in Lands. I don’t like picking up Burgeoning yet.

  2. I’m picking up burgeoning for all my green commander decks while it’s under 5. Even if it goes down a little more I am fine with it.

  3. Show And Tell. what version do you think is better to invest?
    Urza’s one is like 50%+, but I think it is much more desirable.

    I will buy one from urza for my personal collection, the art is gorgeous

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