PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 9/15/16

I’ll be honest, I really miss the old Puca search tool. I miss it being a Puca creature, I miss being able to type in stuff in the different fields, the simple ease of what I knew went into a certain box.

I love the desktop site, it’s so pretty, but yeah, I’m still transitioning and I truly despise the mobile interface.

This week I want to look back at just Battle for Zendikar this week, because those are going to rotate out in six months and I expect these to start trending downwards. Oath of the Gatewatch will be following soon after.

I haven’t finished my research on the Inventions yet, but believe me, I’m super aware of what they offer on Puca. That should be ready next week, just in time for the Prereleases.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 9/15/16”

  1. I’m a big fan of pucatrade but I’m definitely going through transition pains. I feel like we lost as many features as we gained. And the mobile version was designed to piss me off with every click. They honestly must not have used the mobile version before shipping it off as complete.
    I fear this new site was not the boost it needed to bring back fleeing traders.

  2. Out of the several cards that you listed, how many have you actually been able to receive? Maybe you have had success, but the average user won’t be able to acquire the cards you mentioned due to mass stagnation of the site. I feel that almost nothing can be received from Pucatrade, even with sizable bounties and a diverse want list. I think a more useful article should be a way on how to actually spend pucapoints on non bulk, and clear instances on it working.

    1. I have gotten some of these, but I have a policy of offering bounties.

      I send out a fairly large number of cards, especially commons and uncommons left from my years of drafting. I don’t mind paying a premium to turn those into cards people actually want.

      1. How much do you have to offer? My sending modus operandi is very much the same as yours. Thanks for the answer, as I am very interested in how you are continuing to operate at a difficult time in puca’s history.

      2. It’s tapered off since the new site launch, I think most people are having a trickle down.

        I offer 15% on all foils, and I have a great big point bonus if you sent me a foil Tarn, but I’m currently too low on points for a foil Tarn anyway.

        I look at Puca as a way to consolidate a whole bunch of $2-$5 cards into things I really want. It’s all profit now.

  3. I agree with jc99, I have 2 kozilek and a bunch of soi/emn commons and uncommon foils on my list. (20 or so) I haven’t received a card from puca in over a month, people don’t want to even send junk in the mail. No one uses puca anymore and even though this a good article and a SHITTY subject, I can’t believe mtgprice has nut sack enough to make this a ‘Pro trader’ article.

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