PROTRADER: Game Day Deck Tech, KLD Edition

Today is not going to be about the new (old?) Standard rotation structure. I’ll tell you that I like it, though, and I suspect that my LGS’s lagging FNM attendance will improve because of it. Today is going to be the start of a new mini-series, and it’s focused on the aspect of Magic finance that tends to get overlooked.

Players new and old tend to approach the concept of Magic finance as “how can I make my hobby cheaper or free?”, only to realize that most of the conversation in that sphere is between vendors. In honor of Game Day Weekend (and a month of [NEW SET] singles pouring into the market), I’m going to tell you which Standard deck I recommend for the upcoming format. This is for the people who want to play in FNM, PPTQ, and 5k level events but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to learn and buy-in to the entire format. These are not going to be “budget” decks, but a key component in my selecting them is that they are cheap enough to give you a good shot at breaking even. I think this first installment does a good job encapsulating a lot of what I want to get across with this series, so let’s dive in!

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6 thoughts on “PROTRADER: Game Day Deck Tech, KLD Edition”

  1. As a father of two under the age of 2 and thus limited time to get out this was definitely my deck of choice to build that would be cost effective with to warrant making.

    Post your success maybe with it so far?

    1. I can definitely say that playing aggro decks has been better for me since becoming a dad. It allows me to not bleed out mental energy playing long, meaningless games.

      Haven’t lost a match with this deck yet- strongly recommend it.

  2. I have to say that I’ve been playing UW Control for awhile and I absolutely love Spell Quelling the hell out of this deck. With that said, I have been beat by this deck when the opponent plays smart.

    I would say you definitely want some more harnessed lightning in your board to deal with UW and be mindful of trying to get 2 creatures that have trample to finish the game with ease. Those were the places I had problems, but when I was able to keep them to a single attacker I was able to win games. People playing this deck will absolutely HATE spell queller and reflector mage… but you CAN get it done if you play smart.

    Sequence your hexproof/trample right and on the right turn and this deck is scary. Don’t do that… and this deck is garbage. Have fun at FNM!

    1. P.S. Takedown might be a nice little SB option against UW. Think of it like this. You WANT your opponent to spell quell/counter the wrong things. If they counter this, they CAN’T counter your creature/pump spell. And it just so happens, your creatures can run right over theirs. So try and get them to counter/quell the wrong spells so your offense is still effective. (Why am I telling everyone how to beat my deck?) haha.

      1. I think Take Down is the exact kind of card that will sit in my “actual tournaments” sideboard, while never seeing the light of day at FNM.

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