Brainstorm Brewery #218 – Risk Assessment

Corbin clearly wants to talk about his brew but he gets no-sir’d by the gang. If you want to watch it because you hate yourself, the link is here.

Just kidding, that was Corbin hitting a light pole. The real link is here.

That was Corbin hitting a light pole again. The real link is here.

We get into a pretty good discussion about risk assessment and how to find stuff that Commander 2016 hasn’t made spike yet. If you don’t pay attention to EDH, better start now because it’s making hella prices spike and nothing else is really doing much. Get into trouble with us.

Douglas Johnson is our guest (@Rose0fthorns)
Mardu Eldrazi? No thanks!
Cards spiked? Why?
Reprint Risk? How do we assess what’s safe and what isn’t?
Breaking Bulk
Pick of the Week
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2 thoughts on “Brainstorm Brewery #218 – Risk Assessment”

  1. Yes I enjoy the deep analysis on one subject. A suggestion, announce the card names a bit slower. Spell out the first few letters maybe? Helps when searching. Thanks, great podcast!

  2. Yes, deep analysis is good. It even has flashback. Seriously, though, it depends on the topic. If you go into detail into relevant stuff, that’s great. Here’s a bunch of topics you have not dived into yet, with varying levels of interests:

    1. Physical Card Storage
    2. Card Inventory – creation and updating
    3. Insurance
    4. Theft prevention (third party)
    5. Theft/damage prevention (babies and toddlers)
    6. Alternative/Scummy selling practices (selling repacks online, selling custom made decks in whole, etc)
    7. Ways to get rid of true bulk
    8. Overseas markets
    9. Run-down of places to monitor tournament results / important tournaments throughout the year that may impact prices.
    10. Run-down of reprint risks each year. You did a little of this in general on this podcast, but perhaps you take a particular new set coming out and break down what kind of things are likely and unlikely to be included.

    There’ that’s almost a year’s worth of material. You’re welcome.

    P.S. Regarding nerds in the car: Korlis was a country involved in the Brothers’ War featured in Antiquities. You may remember the tournament all-star “Martyr of Korlis.” The name “Children of Korlis” does not refer to literal children, but to people from that country.

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