PROTRADER: The Time To Buy

Okay, so good news/bad news. The good news? THIS is the the historical best time to buy Magic cards. Right now! Pretty much now-ish until the first week or two of January. Now it’s worth mentioning that Aether Revolt releases on January 20th, but I don’t think that will hurt us now. The bad news, of course, is that for a lot of people this is the absolute worst time to be spending lots of money on Magic cards for yourself. That’s why we are going to have to be smart and make sure we are putting a lot of thought into our targets. We’re going to parse what we can from the spoiled cards we’ve seen so far, and then use the rest of the data at our disposal to make informed decisions from there.

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27 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Time To Buy”

    1. Hey there. There WAS a recent members list purge for people that weren’t paid up. If you know you are paid up, but you still don’t have access, ping me at james at and I’ll get you taken care of. Cheers.

    2. I’ve now gotten you taken care of, and took steps to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. Thanks, and I apologize for the temporary inconvenience!

  1. I suddenly have my account downgraded from ProTrader to Subscriber since 10 days ago. I emailed customer service for assistance. But till now there is no reply. I am greatly disappointed with Mtgprice since I have been a loyal member since 2014 when they first requested for funding for startup. Is this how you treat me?.

    1. Try contacting James chillcott. He is supposed to be in charge of the site, so he would know what is happening.

    2. Hey there. There WAS a recent members list purge for people that weren’t paid up. If you know you are paid up, but you still don’t have access, ping me at james at and I’ll get you taken care of. Cheers.

    3. I’ve now gotten you taken care of, and took steps to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. Thanks, and I apologize for the temporary inconvenience!

  2. Less articles lately too. Sorry but I think the site may be dying; I think it went to paid too fast, before having a sufficient sized loyal user base to support it. I know friends tired of the lack of public ( non-protrader) articles that are just going elsewhere. It’s kind of sad because when it started up the community here was so great!

    1. I hate to break it to you, but this site has more traffic now than ever, and we’re talking major numbers. We’re publishing a minimum of five times/week + two podcasts. We can certainly push harder, but that’s a perfectly reasonable amount of content, especially for our casual readers. Heading into 2017, we’ll be looking to add a couple of more regular writers to ensure the content deck is fully over the weekend, but we’ve been consistently filling our weekdays as per plan for months.

  3. Way too few articles lately. And when you figure that more than half are protrader, there’s almost no free content any more to build a community around.

    1. The current model we’re moving toward is that all articles are Pro Trader for 48 hours and then available to the public. That gives our Pro Traders the edge they need with first mover advantage on our card recommendations, and allows the general public to enjoy the content beyond the period it is most valuable. If you see an article you’d like to read, and it is locked down, wait a few days or pony up the modest $4.99/month or $49.99/year to read it early.

  4. I still find this site worthwhile,though I would like to see more “What we’re buying this week” and a return of “Digging for Dollars”..

    1. Both of those are my article series. Since taking on admin duties here I don’t always have time to contribute on the writing side, but I’ll do my best to get that content rolling again heading into the new year.

    2. This right hear, both those article series were great…..bring them back digging for dollars and what were buying and selling this week.

  5. I have to agree with what has been said. I’m not a ‘pro trader’, but many of the pro trader articles were visible for some time lately (as far as I could see because the author(s) didn’t mark them correctly). I’m glad I don’t pay for that. Almost all of the articles are sloppily written. It just looks like what it probably is – a random guy gets money for writing *something* about Magic finance and pulls content out of his a** just to get the word count he needs to get paid for his article. I could write 90% of the articles on this site without doing any/much research and I’m by no means the biggest Magic finance expert that ever existed. The only reason why I still have the site bookmarked are Jason Alt’s EDH articles, which are fun to read and which made me quite a lot of money.

    1. Sorry, but I don’t agree with your assessment of the quality of the writing here. Our writers do their research, all of them are experienced MTGFinance follk, and they generally write strong content that makes people money. If you have a specific complaint about an article I’d be happy to review it with our team. If you think you can do better I’d be happy to review your submission for inclusion. Cheers.

  6. Rather strong language pal. While I do agree that this blog should be shut down, I think the other features should stay, as there is some, but not a lot of, merit in them (e.g. Price guides).

    1. Sorry about that… It’s just that this blog is a cesspool on the things that a business shouldn’t do-skimp on customer service, downsize while keeping an elitist attitude, breaking promises made to constitutents/customers, and refusing to listen to alternative suggestions on an even playing field. I’m sorry, but this latest lack of attention to even the paying people is bringing my blood to a boil. If the writers really wanted some money. they should just go somewhere else, since there are plenty of other cost effective options. At this point, shut this blog down (but not the other tools), as we’re WAY past the point of no return/redemption. End transmission.

      1. We’re publishing solid content 5-6 days a week that makes people money week after week. We get thank-you emails regularly. If you have specific concerns, send them to me at james at and we’ll take care of them in due course. Cheers.

  7. I agree to!!!It used to be my favorite site…
    What’s wrong with the Add/Explore Collection???At one day my collection worth let’s say 10.000 dollars and the next day 7.500???And the prices of many cards are 0.00???And where are the prices for from the vault Lore???
    Is Griselbrand (Grand Prix) an 89.99 dollars cards???Come on guys, fix this mess…

    1. Hello Mike!

      From the Vault: Lore has now been added to the site. As for the other issues, I’m currently working hard to get our price-pulling fixed. So hang in there a bit longer, and you should start to see some progress on that end, sometime within the next couple of months if all goes well.


  8. I’m a little unnerved that none of these comments have been addressed. Is it just business as usual for this blog?

    1. The creators/owners are not rather responsive to legitimate complaints such as this. They don’t often want to talk in the open about this and instead want to keep it to their own private space where they can exhibit their own dictatorial power. IMO, this is just like PucaTrade’s current debacle, but several degrees worse. At this point, I doubt they are making enough money for this blog to be worthwhile, so I think this should be shut down.

      1. You’re way off base here, but I understand that you have little access to the inner workings, so I can understand your lack of perspective. If you have specific complaints, send them to james at, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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