PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 12/15/16

It’s the surprises that keep me coming back. As we travel further back in Magic’s history, raiding old draft boxes, we are at five and six and seven years ago. If you’ve been playing all this time, maybe you remember these formats. Maybe this is your first exposure to some of these cards. Remember, these are all commons and uncommons.

Our goal here is to mine for the cards of not just value, but demand. It doesn’t do as much good to have one $10 card that moves in a year, as compared to ten $1 cards that I can move right now.

I also want to note that I’ve seen some of the cards I highlight move in price. Last week, Galvanic Blast was nearly 100 points, now it’s under 80. I’m not blaming anyone, but it does seem that the faster you move, the better off you will be.

This week, we are covering the newer standard of core sets, as well as Zendikar block, widely given credit as leading a renaissance for Magic.

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2 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 12/15/16”

  1. I’m kind of confused about what you’re going for here. Are you saying it’s a good time to send out Lightning Bolt (because it’s popular), or request it (to have a popular card)? Are you simply reminding us that Bolt should be picked out of bulk? I hope it’s not the latter, that’s too dumb for words.

    Being more explicit with *why* you’re mentioning each card would be fruitful, I think

  2. “Conversely, if an Eldrazi build starts playing [ancient stirrings]”
    um they already do, please keep up with the times (months ago)

    “Hedron Crab – 275 – Mill two when you get a land”
    please read the cards you’re reviewing carefully?

    “Lightning Bolt – 238 – See above. Most wanted card in the set, more than the planeswalkers even. Three damage, instant speed, one mana, and it can damage players. And it was a common! ”
    thank you for describing what the most-played spell in the game does

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