PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 12/22/16

Before we get to some picks this week, I want to talk about Freytag’s article, Promoting Trades, because it’s so directly relevant to what many of us do. I’m already offering a 30% bonus on foils I want, and lots of other members are offering bonuses too.

That’s the key word: bonus. This isn’t necessary. It’s not a requirement. I am aware that some people like getting a bonus, so I offer it. I want these foils and giving a sweetener is just fine by me. But it is not a requirement. It’s extra. Most trades on the site don’t have a bonus.

Pucatrade is working hard to take points out of the system, and a fee for promoting trades that can be paid in points is going to further that goal. I cannot overstate how awesome it is that the fee for getting your needed Invention can be paid by sending some other member a pair of Saheeli Rai, or some such.

I also want to link a page I was sent via Twitter where some guys talk about their experiences, good and bad, on Pucatrade. I’ve certainly had ups and downs, and the short version is that as long as you are participating, trying to do things better, they will get better.

I would also really like to hear from you if you’ve been working Pucatrade over by sending out booster packs. It would seem to me that the postage is prohibitive, but considering that you can get boxes for about $90, that’s 250 points a pack and you can move them for 394 points. Arbitrage for the win!

Now, on to my picks! It being winter break, and with Aether Revolt spoilers due soon, we are at some delightfully low spots. Almost everything is a buy for me this week, in contrast to a couple weeks’ worth of sends.

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