PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 1/5/2017

I have to admit, spoiler season is tricky on PucaTrade.

For the most part, stuff doesn’t happen fast on there. I find that a lot of Standard cards move pretty quick, but a lot of people are cautious this time of year. Some things are already spiking in anticipation of being played with new cards, which is always a fun exercise.

I like the optimism of what people don’t want to let go of right now, but I want to look at the Battle for Zendikar block and pick some cards for long-term appeal. It’s possible that these could spike during their remaining months in Standard, but these are mostly picks that will be paying off in the long term.

Some of these are unique effects, some are casual gold. All of these are cards I’ve got on my want list, and some have been mentioned by me or by others before.

On to the cards!

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11 thoughts on “PROTRADER: PucaPicks for 1/5/2017”

  1. Do you suggest using real money to get any of these cards? I highly doubt people will be able to get any of the cards you suggested at the price you posted.

      1. Joking in reference to your comment. Foil FS Goyf is a $500-750 card. No one could buy it for $8.

    1. I’m listing the cards at the prices that they have on PucaTrade. You could use this as a buying guide if you wanted to spend cash, but I try to stick to Puca with this series. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. I see. For most of the cards you listed, there are at least a few that are offering a bounty for these cards. How much of a bounty would you be willing to give for them (or would you be amenable to alternate types of bounties for them)? Thanks for the answers.

      2. I’m actually hesitant to post my profile directly on here, as it seems a bit unethical.

        I will tell you that I am offering 20% on non-foil cards, 40% on foils, and 75% on Inventions.

        My thinking is that with some of the bounties being offered, there’s actually a really good space for the sending and receiving.

  2. The series is *still* titled Pucapicks? The only people that actually support Pucatrade as a valid platform now are either the staff, those that are paid to sponsor Pucatrade, or mindless idiots who love throwing their money away. Series retitle please.

  3. From what I’ve gathered, the best approach is to ditch your low value cards on puca and trade up for these cards, does that sound right?

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