MTG Fast Finance Podcast: Episode 54 (Feb 9/17)

MTG Fast Finance is our weekly podcast covering the flurry of weekly financial activity in the world of Magic: The Gathering. MFF provides a fast, fun and useful sixty minute format. Follow along with our seasoned hosts as they walk you through this week’s big price movements, their picks of the week, metagame analysis and a rotating weekly topic.

Show Notes: Feb 9, 2017

Segment 1: Top Card Spikes of the Week

Sigil of Distinction

Sigil of Distinction (SOA, Rare)
Start: $0.50
Finish: $3.50
Gain: +$3.00 (+600%)

Esper Charm (SOA, Foil Uncommon)
Start: $7.00
Finish: $30.00
Gain: +$12.00 (+325%)

Sleight of Hand (9th, Common Foil)
Start: $30.00
Finish: $95.00
Gain: +$65.00 (+215%)

Scrapheap Scrounger (KLD, Rare)
Start: $2.00
Finish: $4.50
Gain: +$2.50 (+125%)

Sinbad (ARN,UNC )
Start: $3.25
Finish: $7.00
Gain: +$3.75 (+115%)

Memory Jar (Urza’s Legacy, Foil Rare)
Start: $30.00
Finish: $60.00
Gain: +$30.00 (+100%)

Heart of Kiran (AER, Mythic)
Start: $15.00
Finish: $25.00
Gain: +$10.00 (+67%)
Segment 2: Cards to Watch

James’ Picks:

Aetherworks Marvel

  1. Aetherworks Marvel (KLD, Mythic)
  • The Call: Confidence Level 7: $4.00 to $10.00 (+6.00/150%) 0-12+ months)

2. Kari Zev’s Expertise (AER, Foil Rare)

  • The Call: Confidence Level 7: $3.00 to $10.00 (+7.00/+233%, 12+ months)

3. Baral, Chief of Compliance (AER, Foil Rare)

  • The Call: Confidence Level 7: $8.00 (Target) to $20.00 (+12.00/+150%, 0-12+ months)

Travis’ Picks:

  1. Astral Cornucopia (BNG, Foil Rare)
  • The Call: Confidence Level 7: $2.00 to $10.00 (+8.00/+400%, 0-12+ months)

2. Crystalline Crawler (C16, Rare)

  • The Call: Confidence Level 6: $2.50 to $8.00 (+6.50/+220%, 0-12+ months)

Disclosure: Travis and James may own speculative copies of the above cards.

Segment 3: Metagame Week in Review

James & Travis reviewed the results of Pro Tour Aether Revolt and the cards to watch in the aftermath.

Segment 4: Topic of the Week

The guys touched on selling out of MTGO, recent successes with EU arbitrage and the cards they least want to be holding heading into Modern Masters 2017 previews in a few weeks.

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7 thoughts on “MTG Fast Finance Podcast: Episode 54 (Feb 9/17)”

  1. Was just wondering what you guys thought of BFZ full art land foils. The market is flooded with hundreds of copies, but one would imagine those just dry up over the next few years at a slow pace. Is it worth looking at LP copies around $3 for long term 100%+ gain?

    1. These have potential, but that could easily be countered if more show up. Generally speaking I don’t like LP anything, so there’s that.

    2. While the original ones were remarkably lucrative, I’m not compelled to buy these new ones. Especially with the announcement that we’ll see full art lands as part of an Amonkhet promo. All it will take is a single extra set with foil full-art lands to keep these low for years and years and years. The EV simply isn’t there at this point.

  2. Can you please add time stamps to each of the segments so people can more easily follow your logic? Thanks.

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