PROTRADER: The Watchtower 6/12/17

By: Travis Allen

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About twenty minutes after I post this article, Rosewater is posting his, titled “Metamorphosis 2.0.” It promises to be quite a shake-up, given that the last “Metamorphosis” article was the one that announced two set blocks and an eighteen month Standard rotation. I’d love to post my guess as to what we’ll see, but given that the truth will be revealed almost immediately, I’ll just end up insanely owned for no reason, so I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

Whatever changes we see, I suspect none will have an immediate impact on card prices. The types of change that Rosewater is likely to discuss will have large, sweeping, structural changes on the markets for cards, rather than an immediate “oh shi-” as may occur with the change to split card rules, for instance. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll be able to hear plenty of discussion on MTG Fast Finance this week and/or next about what it means for us.

There’s a ban list update tomorrow, which may or may not include Aetherworks Marvel. I’m inclined to think they’d just leave it, but they did move the date up a little, and generally they’d only move B&R dates if there’s a good reason. While I’d love for them to axe Marvel hours before a Standard GP, don’t expect any changes to be in place this weekend, even if there is a ban/unban. If there is a ban, expect a flurry of sales both on site and nationwide as a result.

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8 thoughts on “PROTRADER: The Watchtower 6/12/17”

  1. The fact that Chalice is a 4-of when it’s played is sort of a knock on it as a spec. People crack a Chalice or aquire one some other way, and now they need to come up with 3 more. Whereas if they open a Crucible of Worlds or Engineered Explosives, they’re good to go. Is there a better target that could be more closely compared to So Ring? I.e. ubiquitous in the formats in which it sees play, not played as a 3 or 4-of, etc.

  2. Oh guau. ¿Ocho días y el artículo aún no está desbloqueado? ¡Jajajaja! Esto es evidencia de que Jizzman Censorcott es un mentiroso engañoso, dictador, y un gouger de precios. Sigue alejando a la gente con tus mentiras y tu arrogante acoso, hombre.

  3. Why the hell is the 6/19 watchtower article unlocked and not this? What exactly is so special about this article that it needs to be excluded from the public for an extended period of time? There is not a lot of additional people that are paying for subscriptions ever since more and more things are getting locked. Bad business model!

    1. Good question. Perhaps an oversight on their part? You’d think they’d have the ability to automatically unlock Protrader articles after the promised 48 hours, but no. They’re waay too arrogant and/or cheap for that.

    2. I honestly have no idea. Travis has been striking out lately with his picks, so I doubt there’s anything that’s worth the continuous lock.

  4. Translation of Jimenez’s statement (by the way, your Spanish is poor): “Oh wow. Eight days and the article is not yet unlocked? LOL! This is evidence that Jizzman Censorcott is a deceitful liar, dictator, and a price gouger. Keep pushing people away with your lies and your arrogant harassment, man.”

    Very true, especially since it is now FOURTEEN days since the article’s inception.


  5. Yeah, the people who run this website are just rubbish whose words mean nothing. Been nearly a month now.

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