PROTRADER: The Watchtower 7/31/17

By: Travis Allen


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How many jokes do you think you’ll read about “seeing red” over the next two weeks? I bet it’s a lot. Over four this week alone, I’d bet.

Ramunap Red was obviously the deck of the tournament, with a silly representation in both the top 8 and the best performing decks. Appropriately, Earthshaker Khenra and Hazoret the Fervent have taken off as a flurry of activity unfolds in an attempt to capitalize on both. It’s far too late now to make money here of course, and if you haven’t sold through your Khenra and Hazoret inventory yet, you’re actually far too late.

Beyond Ramunap Red it looks like Zombies and GB Constrictor are solid decks, but we’re talking about maybe a third of the top performers? Blue and white were both virtually nonexistent here, which is pretty funny when you think about it. Two colors simply didn’t exist at this Pro Tour. So much for that new, healthy Standard guys! Ah well. That’s fine by me, because while all the grinders and FNM players are looking at red, we can turn our attention to blue and white, which will undoubtedly come roaring back in a big way later on.

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  1. I myself am keeping an eye out for disallow and the fastlands (especially spirebluff canal). People will be looking for those in the fall in my area, guaranteed.

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