PROTRADER: The Watchtower 11/27/17

By: Travis Allen

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It’s a Monday morning and we’re all waking up from food-induced comas that lasted the last four days. As we trudge into work, there’s not even exciting results to reflect on. This weekend’s only event was team limited in Europe. Blegh.

Unstable has been completely previewed, so that’s cool. It seems as if the community at large is looking forward to the set moreso than most of itself had expected. I’m suspect that this will mean much for the prices in the long run though. It all looks new and shiny and fun today, but after four drafts the novelty may be well worn. Chances are a few of the cards in foil will hold value well, but not many.

Other than that, the only real news in Magic over the lasts few days was a stirring on social media when a prominent cosplayer decided to quit due to the constant harassment she receives, a lion’s share of which comes from one particular unsavory individual. I’m not looking to write at length about this here, but I’m not going to completely forfeit my soap box, small as it may be.

“Don’t harass people” is a simple lesson that we all should have picked up in kindergarten. A more salient point to take from all of this that’s less obvious is that choosing not to engage is engaging. Inaction is action for the status quo. Claiming that you don’t want to choose a side is choosing a side. We’re afforded no luxury of sidelines, and like it or not, you’re either supporting a message or resisting it.

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