PROTRADER: The Watchtower 12/18/17


By: Travis Allen

Don’t miss this week’s installment of the MTG Fast Finance podcast, an on-topic, no-nonsense tour through the week’s most important changes in the Magic economy. And if you enjoy playing Magic, make sure to visit to find PPTQs, SCG Opens, and more events on an interactive map with worldwide coverage. Find Magic near you today.

It’s been another quiet week in Magic finance, especially with both GP’s having been limited. We don’t have much in the way of breakout cards to discuss, but that’s fine. The lack of hype or excitement around anything allows us to look to other, less sexy, but still reliable options. With Commander no less popular today than it has been all year, it’s a great place to park money earmarked for longer term investments. (Assuming all that money isn’t just being funneled into bitcoin.)

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ProTrader: Magic doesn’t have to be expensive.

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