Pro Trader: Wait and Rotate


I don’t have any specific specs I am dying to go over this week. Instead, I think I should address a topic that people ask me about a lot and which seems to be changing while my advice stays the same. It’ no good to give outdated advice to people and if my worldview has to change a bit, it’s going to come as the result of some data analysis. Let’s do that analysis today and update how we handle something that keeps happening whether we want it to or not – rotation.

By rotation, I refer specifically to the time of year when Standard loses a bunch of sets at once and prices are impacted. Cards that are very strong in Standard but not strong enough for Modern or Legacy play lose a lot of value and cards that were $2-$3 on maybe one deck worth of Standard play go to bulk rares where they join cards that were bulk all along. It’s a sad time for binders but a happy time for the finance community. We can pick up good cards for dirt cheap and watch their prices rebound.

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ProTrader: Magic doesn’t have to be expensive.

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