Pro Trader: 2020 Resolutions


It’s 2020 and you know what that means!

Actually, I’ve got nothing. For some reason, I thought 2019 was the year when WotC ruined Magic with insanely powerful cards that made everything else obsolete and ruined most formats, resulting in emergency bans that made expensive cards suddenly worthless, FNMs no one wanted to play in, etc. I had some faith that they learned about making really dangerous cards and that they learned from the Saheeli, Guardian fiasco. Surely 2020 would be different.

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One thought on “Pro Trader: 2020 Resolutions”

  1. Best article of the year! I had to. In all seriousness though, very good read. Your analysis is dead on imo. Happy to hear things are only going to get better. Thank you.

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