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Last week, whether because I went with the Top 4 commanders from the EDH decks or because I picked the face commanders, the result was the same. We looked at Prosper, Galea and Wulfgar and wanted to find cards and couldn’t from Sefris. We may have missed some good picks from the non-face commanders and we’ll get into that today, although the face commanders are still considerably more popular. Now, those cards have been known for longer, but they’re also still being built the most. Let’s look at where things were last week.

Prosper is the top, followed by Sefris, then Galea then Wulfgar. You can read, I know. Since you’re over here knowing stuff, do you think the Top 5 will be the same today as it was a week ago?

It’s close, but a few things happened. Prosper shot up to number 1, which means we’ll want to comb through for Prosper to see if we missed anything. Xanathar tanked, which feels bad to me personally because he’s my favorite commander in the set, but I get it. Vrondiss, a pretty medium-looking commander supplanted Minsc and Boo, a popular (I want to say Baldur’s Gate?) D&D character with a loveable pet, which is a great meme commander but maybe not the most playable? Finally, Klauth moved way up to the second row, which is positive. I don’t know if there is anything new there, but it’s worth a look. The docket for today is Prosper, Vrondiss, Klauth and if there is time, a few others. I have a feeling there is a lot to discuss, however.

First up, we have some news.

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